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06 February 2023
SchoolsHUB Newsletter – February 2023

The first Education Newsletter for schools for 2023 is now available to download.

 This edition of the Newsletter includes articles on:

  1. Upcoming Data Collection open and close dates for 2023
  2. The 2023 NCCD guidelines
  3. The competitive round of the Schools Upgrade Fund application process
  4. Free mathematics and literacy resources for schools

 You can also plan-ahead for key Department of Education data collection periods using our calendar of key dates.

Download the 2023 February SchoolsHUB Newsletter

17 January 2023
2023 Address Collection (AC) Data Collection Tool is now available

The 2023 AC Data Collection Tool is now available for download on the SchoolsHUB Address Collection Help Page.

11 January 2023
The Online Estimator is now working correctly for distance education student calculations

The department has resolved a Schools Estimator Tool (SET) technical issue that was recently affecting calculations for distance education students.

13 December 2022
The Online Estimator becomes unresponsive for distance education student calculations

There is currently a technical issue relating to estimating funding with the Online Estimator when distance education enrolments are included. This is causing the estimator to produce an error and prevents estimated funding being presented. All other estimates appear to be unaffected. The Department is investigating the issue and expect to resolve this by mid-January.

If you require funding estimation for distance education students urgently, please contact

13 December 2022
Important dates for data collections in 2023

The department has released the 2023 SchoolsHUB calendar of important collection dates.

To avoid funding issues, make sure you plan your primary or secondary school's data collections well in advance.

Download the 2023 Key Dates Calendar.