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19 September 2023
Now Open: Student Attendance Term 3 2023

The Student Attendance (STATS) collection is now open. Declare your data by Friday 13 October 2023. 

Sign in to SchoolsHUB now to begin, or visit the STATS support and help page for more information.

24 August 2023
Protecting the privacy of your school’s data

To help protect the privacy of your school’s data, we are removing some of the historical data collections from SchoolsHUB that contains personal information.

Which historical data collections are being removed from SchoolsHUB?

You will notice your school’s historical Address Collections from 2023 and earlier have already been removed.

Over the coming months, we will also remove the following historical data collections from 2021 and earlier:

  • Finance Questionnaire responses
  • Student Attendance (Semester 1 and Term 3)
  • Compliance Collections.

Accessing historical data

If you need to access these historical data collections for your school, please email a request to

24 August 2023
Indexation has been updated in Online Estimator

The School Estimator Tool (Online Estimator) has been updated with the final 2023 indexation rate which is 4.2% (compared to 4.3% which was previously forecast for 2023 and applied in Online Estimator), and estimated indexation for 2024 to 2026 has been updated based on the latest Federal Budget. If you have any enquiries, please contact

11 August 2023
2023 Compliance Certificate update

Each year, the Compliance Certificate declaration process requires selected Approved Authorities to answer a series of questions confirming their compliance with ongoing policy requirements under Section 77 of the Australian Education Act 2013 and relevant sections of the Australian Education Regulation 2013

We recently emailed these selected Approved Authorities (to their SchoolsHUB registered email address) to inform them they need to submit a 2023 Compliance Certificate declaration.

Approved Authorities who did not receive the email do not need to submit a 2023 Compliance Certificate declaration. We will send these Approved Authorities a separate email to confirm no further action is required.

Reminder for selected Approved Authorities

Approved Authorities selected to submit a Compliance Certificate declaration will be able to access the Compliance Certificate from 9:00 am (AEST) Monday 14 August 2023 via SchoolsHUB.

They will need to complete and declare their Compliance Certificate by 5:00 pm (AEST) Friday 29 September 2023.

Visit the Compliance Certificate page for more information.

03 August 2023
SchoolsHUB update complete

The SchoolsHUB update is now complete. You can now resume using SchoolsHUB.