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18 April 2022
SchoolsHUB is now operational again

Technical issues affecting SchoolsHub today have now been resolved. SchoolsHUB is now operational again.

10 April 2022
Now Open: Financial Questionnaire 2022

The 2022 Financial Questionnaire (FQ) collection of 2021 data is now open. You must submit your FQ (including the audited financial statements of your approved authority) by 30 June 2022.

Sign in now and submit the acquittal certificate for the approved authority.

For more information visit the Financial Questionnaire help and support page.

10 April 2022
Now Open: Financial Accountability 2022

The 2022 Financial Accountability (FA) collection is now open.  You must submit your acquittal certificate and block allocation summary (if required) by 30 June 2022.


Sign in now and submit the acquittal certificate for the approved authority.

Approved Authorities for more than one school:

After your accountant has submitted your acquittal certificate, sign in and submit your block allocation summary.

For more information visit the Financial Accountability help and support page.

03 April 2022
SchoolsHUB will be offline for three hours on Wednesday

The SchoolsHUB portal will be offline on Wednesday 6 April between 2pm and 5pm. Expect portal access to be available from 5pm onwards.

08 March 2022
Address Collection 2022 large files software update is complete

SchoolsHUB users can now upload 2022 Address Collection XML files with maximum size of 25MB. Software updates commencing on Saturday and continuing yesterday were completed.

Address Collection 2022 has also been extended to Wednesday 30 March.

We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience.