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Data Collections Address Collection

The Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection (Address Collection, formerly known as the Socio-Economic Status (SES) collection) informs Commonwealth school education policy by helping to ensure funding arrangements for non-government schools are fair, transparent and based on need.

Approved Authorities submit the data for the collection annually. The data includes information such as student residential addresses, and the names and residential addresses of parents/guardians of students.

On 20 September 2018, the Government announced that it will implement a new, improved direct measure of capacity to contribute for future calculation of non-government schools needs-based funding. The revised capacity to contribute methodology, based on the income of parents or guardians of students at a non-government school, will be used in school funding calculations from 2020. Prior to implementing the new approach the Government will consult with stakeholders and based on this advice may make refinements necessary to ensure the data are robust and reliable.

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