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Update: Address Collection system issues 10 May 2021

Various system issues affecting user reporting in the 2021 Address Collection have been resolved. Some issues remain on-going. We will continue to provide updates in the SchoolsHUB notification banner and news.

Issues that are now fixed:

  • Duplicate records – This issue occurred when users replaced/appended uploaded a XML files, causing records to duplicate.
    Fixed (29/03/2021) - The IT team confirms users can now replace or append uploaded data without causing duplicate records.
    Removed duplicates (07/05/2021)
    – The IT team has removed duplicate records school locations in SchoolsHUB. Additional steps are required to remove the errors triggered by duplicate records (ER-005). The steps are as follows:
  1. Sign-in to SchoolsHUB.
  2. In Data Collection, select your 2021 Address Collection.
  3. Next to your location, select Edit.
  4. Starting from Step 1 (Contacts), click ‘Save & Next’ until you reach Step 4. (Errors and Warnings). This will refresh the page and remove the ER-005 errors.
  • Submission status regressing – A submission is being assigned an earlier progress status. The issue occurs when users are updating/changing data while the system is still processing data.
    Fixed (07/05/2021) – The IT team has fixed the issue that caused a submission to revert back to the previous status.
  • Pinning an invalid address – This issue occurs when a user attempts to pin an invalid address on the map. After attempting to save a pinned invalid address, the system states An error has occurred while attempting to retrieve the Statistical Area codes for the specified coordinate.
    Fixed (29/03/2021) – The IT team confirms that users can now pinned invalid addresses.
  • Error message (Edit data page) – The error message ‘The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on a receive’ occurs when a user attempts to enter or edit an address.
    Fixed (16/3/2021) – The IT team confirms users can now enter or edit an address.
  • File size restrictions – This issue occurred when users uploaded a file larger than 10 MB.
    Fixed (15/03/2021) – The file size restriction has been raised to 25MB.

Outstanding issues users are currently experiencing include:

  • Address validation delay (page 3. Enter data) – This issue occurs when a user validates an address. The validated address does not display in the valid address table.
  • Pinning an invalid address – This issue occurs when a user attempts to pin an invalid address on the map. The system states ‘The address you have provided is valid. You do not need to mark it on the map’.
  • Summary of data entered report/table (page 4. Review data) – The total number of records displayed in the summary table is incorrect. The correct number is accessible in the ‘Summary of data entered’ PDF report. While the information presented in the summary table is contradictory to the report, this issue does not prevent users from declaring data.

If you have experienced any of these outstanding issues listed, please contact the Address Collection helpdesk.

Note: If you are about to start your Address Collection submission and have not accessed your SchoolsHUB account within the last three months you will need to reset your account password.

We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience.

Status : Active