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2020 NCCD Guidelines revised 19 June 2020

The NCCD Guidelines have been revised for 2020 to incorporate special provisions due to the impact COVID-19 has had on schools’ operations as follows:

  1. The evidence of adjustments required has been reduced from a minimum of 10 weeks to a minimum of six weeks, in the 12 months preceding the reference date (refer section C.2.1 of the Guidelines).
  2. The evidence requirements have been revised for specific cohorts of students with disability (refer the new section C.4.1 of the Guidelines):
  • Foundation (Year 1 minus 1) year students;
  • new enrolments. This may include:
    • students who commenced at the school in 2020;
    • students transitioning between levels of education, e.g. primary to secondary school, or moving campuses;
  • students with newly diagnosed or newly imputed disability; and
  • students attending special assistance schools.

For these cohorts, schools will only be required to collect evidence of assessed student needs, adjustments provided and consultation and collaboration with the student and/or parents, guardians or carers, or associates. Evidence of ongoing monitoring and review of adjustments will not be required.

The special provisions apply to the 2020 NCCD collection only. These changed arrangements are not mandatory. They reflect minimum requirements to ensure all eligible students with disability can be included in the 2020 NCCD. To ensure continuity of best practice, data quality and consistency, schools are encouraged to observe the normal NCCD requirements where they have capacity to do so.

The revised Guidelines will be available shortly at Revised 2020 NCCD Guidelines.

Status : Active